Have you, or are you experiencing any of the following frustrations?

In doing your own bookkeeping:

-Are you overwhelmed by where, what, how to begin to tackle the financial side of your business?
-Are you having trouble staying consistent? 
-Do you know what systems to put into place to AVOID obstacles and mistakes?
-Are you so busy working, growing, and maintaining your business that bookkeeping gets pushed aside?
-Does spending the time to learn and do your own bookkeeping SAVE or even make your business more money?
-Do you scramble and stress at tax time to throw everything together to file your taxes?
-Do you promise yourself every year that you will be more organized and ready next year?…somehow yearly to repeat the same pattern of procrastination?
-Do you really know if your business is winning or losing? Are you guessing? Hoping?
-Can you truly manage what you don’t accurately measure?
-Do you know where to improve and where to focus?
-Is BOOKKEEPING what you do best?
-Do you get paid to do your own books?
-What could you be doing instead of exhausting your time learning and then laboring through your own bookkeeping?
-What could you better use your time and efforts towards?
-Who makes sure you consistently do your books?
-Are your financials current?
-Are your financials accurate?
-Who checks your work?

In outsourcing your bookkeeping:

-When you try to contact your bookkeeping service, do they respond promptly?
-Are you struggling because of a lack of consistent interactions with your bookkeeping service?
-Does your bookkeeping service clearly understand your business needs and desired outcomes?
-Do you find your current bookkeeping service to be very inconsistent?
-Does your bookkeeping work get done on time, or is it routinely late?
-Do weeks or even months go by before any progress is made?
-Are you confident in your bookkeeping service’s ability to provide the precise results you expect?
-Do they routinely make mistakes?
-Do you find yourself having to consistently double check their work?
-Do you lack confidence in their ability to perform the tasks asked of them?
-Do they have systems in place to insure that your bookkeeping work is done accurately?
-Are you currently using a “part time” friend or family member to do your bookkeeping? How much of a priority is it to them?
-Are they professionally trained? How do you insure that they are doing it correctly?
-Do you really want someone close to you involved in your business affairs?
-How do you hold this person accountable for their work? If they make a mistake, will it lead to long term damage to the relationship?
-How do you make sure your bookkeeping is consistently getting done?
-Are your financials always current?
-Are your financials always accurate?
-Do they have systems in place to insure that your bookkeeping is done accurately?
-Do you feel you are paying too much for your bookkeeping?
-Do you sometimes wonder if you are a low priority to them? Under valued?
-Do you feel like you are getting what you pay for?
-Are there services you would like, but they are not providing?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, and you want different results, now is the time to change what you are doing.